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About HE-QA

Fashion is a phenomenon that is borns and grows rapidly, but begins to decrease as soon as it becomes widespread.
It is temporary. It runs out fast, it consumes fast. That'S why it's important to explore unchanging DNA of this phenomenon. Fashion has its stationary styles, just like the genes that hides in cells.

Esra Keskin Demir, which was born in 2014, comes to life by touching womens stylies with little details of town life and modern designs of city life. That's why it is always untimely, simple and unique. HE-QA brand which was founded by Esra Keskin Demir in 2019, will continue in the same line.

Esra Keskin Demir, which never compromises on premium quality and veiling measures at all stages of production, has never been and will never be a captive of fashion. Designer has stood against this trend of conservative textile industry, which has started to degenerate with globalization, with her writings and desing since the first day. Accordingly, HE-QA womens identity is constitued with the refined designs which are integrated with modern fashion 'in a conservative way'. Esra Keskin Demir who have achieved success in a short time, especially with its trenchcoats and jackets, is supports the search of young and middle-aged generation who pay attention to conservative clothing measures.


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