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Bone Pilisel Skirt

674.99 TL
573.10 TL
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The product is made under sunlight and white light. You can browse all photos about interior and outdoor appearance. (Photos with leaf shadow are color to appear under the sun.)

Fabric: Crepe
Boy: 90 cm
Model Boy: 175cm
Delivery and Return
For every purchase you make on our website (except socks because of hygienic problems), provided that
you do not use the product and do not tear off the labels, you can return the product within 14 days without giving any reason.
You must fill in the essential fields on the e-archieve bill which remaining from your package, and deliver the bill and the product to us.
(Refunds of products which sended without bill is not accepted.)

If your purchase sum is down under 1000 TL or if you returned all the product that you bought, the 'free shipping with 1000₺ and upper' campaing will be invalid and
your refund will be reflected in your account with 34,90 TL shipping fee deducted from the return amount.

If you deliver the product with Sürat Kargo shipping company which we are working under an agreement, shipping fee will be provided by us. You can do free delivery with Sürat Kargo as long as you
convey our contractual code which is 126 669 66 31. Our adress information is inscriptived in the cargo system. You must pay the shipping fee if you want to deliver the product with different cargo company.
Otherwise, shipments sent to us with payment will not be accepted.

After the returned products reach us, a payment order will be given to your account within 7 working days at the latest. Your payment will be returned to you with the same way that you used while ordering (cash/instalment). Since the
refund process is done by automatic system, your payment will be done in the same way that you used while ordering. Depending on your agreement with your bank, reaching day of the refund order that we give to you may change between
1-10 days. This process may be extendible up to 30 days in purchases which made by using Ziraat Bank.

If the instalment payment method is used in the orders, the refund will be made in instalments; however is the cash payment method is used in the orders, the refund will be made in cash.

If you used transfer method or cash on delivery, you need to fill the refund field which is placed in the front of e-archieve bill. You must write down your IBAN (26 digit number begins with TR) information, name and last name
in the refund field. The refund order will send to your bank account that you sended with product, within 7 working days. As for that, reaching time of your refund is depended on your agreement with your bank.
Usually, reaching day of the refund order that we give to you may change between 1-10 days. This process may be extendible up to 30 days in purchases which made by using Ziraat Bank.

Important Note: Products sent abroad can be returnes if they delivered to us within 14 days from the delivery date without any problems. Refunds can only be sent to accounts in bank located
in Turkey. EFT is not made to foreing banks. Packages that do not reach us within 14 days will not be refunded. For international returns, the shipping cost belongs to you. Packages which the shipping
is reflected to us are not accepted.

If you want to send with another shipping company, you can send to the adress in the below into EKD TEKSTİL.

Adress: Erenler Mah. 1201 Sok. No:5 B/31 (Meydan 54 AVM) Erenler Sakarya

If the product you purchased on our site is faulty/defective, you must contact us via within 14 days at the latest from the delivery date. The faulty product that you will send to us with the cargo
company will be replaced with a new one if it is in stock. All shipping fees for the return of the faulty products are payed by us. Again, you have to make an agreement with Sürat Kargo. If the product faulty is caused by the use of the
customer or the product has been used within 14 days, refunds are not accepted. If the product is out of stock during this preiod, your refund will be made within 3 days at the latest.
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